How can you promote Cooking videos to get noticed?

Promote Cooking videos

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Cooking videos are becoming as popular as cat videos on the internet since people love the sizzling sound of the pan while watching their favorite fish getting sprinkled with the perfect amount of seasoning. Nowadays, almost 8 out of 10 people love watching cooking shows since everyone in the world loves food.

Millennials are viewing cooking videos on different platforms. Still, even Generation-X is flocking towards such videos since love for food is inherent in human nature and is ubiquitous.

Having an idea to start a cooking video channel might be the best decision of your life since currently, the market of cooking videos is thriving. But with great opportunity comes excellent competition and therefore, you have to find out ways to promote cooking videos and get noticed.

So, let’s talk about how to promote cooking videos through this blog post.

Take advantage of viral videos.

Viral videos ignite inspiration, but you can use the same video to understand the magic elixir used by the video owner to spread it like a wildfire. After that, you can mimic the same strategy to promote cooking videos and make them viral.

Viral videos ignite inspiration, but you can use the same video to understand the magic elixir used by the video owner to spread it like a wildfire. TikTok is the best platform for viral videos, as their algorithm supports the idea. You can even buy TikTok likes to help boost your videos onto the path of becoming viral. To get started with viral videos, you have to keep a few things in mind;

  • Tell a story- The first step to making your video viral is to use a storytelling approach while making cooking videos instead of just listing the recipe and ingredients.
  • Connect on an emotional level– People love watching videos that help them get attached emotionally, and thus you must include a sense of emotion in your videos.
  • Use expectancy– If you want your cooking video to go viral, then you must be weird, uncommon, or at least set your video apart from others.

Target long-tail keywords

Using the best SEO strategy is a professional approach to increasing organic traffic and getting more views on your cooking channel. One specific way to attract more visitors to your channel and increase the number of views is to start targeting super exact keywords that nobody is answering.

It may look like a common SEO practice, but it is quite effective for every channel, inducing cooking channels. This approach might not bring a ton of viewers on your channel but is tried and tested to get the ball rolling as you can take advantage of hundreds of keywords that are not being utilized by other cooking channels. So, to begin on the right foot, you can start with targeting long-tail keywords, as these are specific questions asked by people on the online platform.

Instead of making a video with the title ‘Easy vegetarian recipe,’ you can use the title ‘easy vegetarian recipe for beginners’ for incorporating long-tail keywords in your video.

Get your cooking video on television.

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a Michelin star chef to get your cooking video broadcasted on the television as there are now a few channels promoting a cooking show featuring cooking experts like you. You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket for getting featured on such a cooking show since many of these channels offer this service free of cost, and they might even give you a portion of the revenue they get from ads running between such a cooking show.

These channels are completely transforming how people have been watching television since it is now giving small players and artists a chance to get featured on the Tv. But make sure you are following the guidelines mentioned by such channels for participating in the cooking show.

Fully exploit CTR

The first thing you must do to grow your cooking channel is to increase the CTR, which stands for Click Through Rate. CTR means the total percentage of actual clicks you get from the total number of impressions your videos get whenever they appear on any platform.

For example, if your cooking video popped up on the YouTube homepage of 1000 people, but out of those 1000 people, only 10 of them clicked on your cooking video. Therefore, your CTR, in this case, will be 1% only.

If your cooking video has a CTR ranging between 2% to 10%, then it is normal, but anything below 2% is a red flag for you, and you must start looking for other options to improve your CTR.

Promoting cooking videos might be a tough job since there are millions of cooking videos out there but using the information in this blog post, you can make your cooking video stand apart and increase the number of views without spending a fortune.

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