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Did you know that lack of cleanliness costs businesses $2.5 million a year due to loss of productivity? And that is not the only consequence of not maintaining your workspace. Now more than ever, cleanliness in the workplace is paramount. And there is no better way to ensure this than with commercial cleaners. But is it worth the investment to hire professional commercial cleaners? The answer is yes! For many businesses, commercial cleaning services in Melbourne are crucial to maintaining a high-level of productivity. Commercial cleaning services are typically used for large commercial properties. Read on to learn the top seven benefits of hiring commercial cleaners to clean your business.

1. A Thorough Clean Guaranteed

The average desk is home to 10 million bacteria, 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Before you throw out your desks in horror, consider professional commercial cleaners. They have the expertise to clean any commercial space efficiently. 

You can be sure that your space is thoroughly disinfected, cleaned, and organized. They will even reach the most forgotten areas, where dust can build up. Your space will meet hygiene standards and be visibly clean.

2. No Need to Buy Cleaning Equipment

If you plan to clean your office, then you need specialist equipment to do it. A quick hoover is not sufficient. 

Professional commercial cleaners have the equipment and technology. They can reach areas such as air vents and ensure a deep clean. 

Cleaning equipment does not only cost money, but it also takes up a lot of space. Who will keep track of the equipment inventory? And does everyone know the equipment functions? 

A professional commercial cleaning company is the answer to all of these questions! 

3. Reduce Employee Sickness

It is easy for sickness to run rampant in businesses. The small spaces make it easy for employees to pass around illness.

You can encourage hand-washing and other measures. But a clean space is the best preventative measure. 

Dust and other allergens can also build up. This is distressing for employees with allergies. Areas prone to build-up include carpets. 

It is best to search for carpet cleaning near me. You can also search; commercial cleaners near me. Local services will be familiar with seasonal allergens and the best products to use. 

Employee sickness reduces productivity because of the many sick days. Protect employees and your business with a clean workspace.

4. Improve Employee Productivity 

Space is a reflection of the business and employee wellbeing. If space is not cleaned, then the employees also do not take as much care. 

A cluttered workspace can make employees feel stressed. What if they get sick? Clutter and dirt also reduce productivity, as they will feel unmotivated to work.

You can also add indoor plants, which are proven to boost employee wellbeing. Also, consider good lighting, comfortable temperatures, and a welcoming space overall.  

The best commercial cleaners will also organize spaces. They can open rooms up and transform spaces. Employees might not even recognize them at the end!

5. Attract Customers 

If you cannot take care of the office space, how are customers supposed to trust you can take care of their needs? Most people have been somewhere dirty and were turned off the business as a result. 

A study found 9 in 10 customers are more likely to have an overall negative opinion of an unclean business. This is if the public spaces, such as lounges and restrooms, are dirty. After all, a presentable and professional company is a clean one!

If you hire a professional cleaning company, you are always prepared. You can relax knowing the space is ready, even during the most unexpected visits from clients! 

6. Protect the Workspace 

Allergens are not the only health risks you can face with a dirty office space. Over time, that tiny bit of dirt you ignored can get serious. One of the most significant risks is mold.

Mold can grow everywhere and is quick to spread. It easily enters commercial spaces through windows, doorways, and air vents. And it poses serious health risks and risks to your business.

Mold spores can enter air conditioning units, which means they can reach all areas of your office. You and employees can experience chronic symptoms such as itchy eyes and a stuffy nose. It can be even riskier for those with asthma.

And if mold spreads through air conditioning units, it can cause costly damage. Mold can cause structural damage to wood, furnishings, and other building materials. It can cause unpleasant stains that are hard to get rid of too.

Over time, mold damage can lead to your commercial space needing repair or aging before its time. A commercial cleaning service will prevent problems such as mold. And if there are current issues, they can act quickly and advise if you need further action.

7. Save Time and Money  

There is an initial cost to use commercial cleaners, but the long-term savings are evident. Imagine how much you save if fewer employees are sick and how much extra revenue you generate!

Also, the most simple cleaning tasks can take a long time without the right equipment and skills. Think about a time you have cleaned something like a microwave and how long it takes to get it sparkling clean! You do not want to spend an hour scrubbing a microwave if you have a meeting to prepare for.

The best commercial cleaners have the experience to cover your commerical space efficiently. You can focus on your business, and employees can focus on their main job roles. Productivity will increase, and employees are likely to be happier not to do extra work each day.

Invest in Professional Commercial Cleaners 

Your business will benefit long-term and short-term with commercial cleaners.  You will not just notice the results of sparkling surfaces and areas you forgot existed. You notice the sparkle of employees and customers, who will feel satisfied!

Make sure you pick a professional company to clean your office or business. Check their experience, which products they use, and their client testimonials. You can arrange a regular contract with them, so you never forget to clean your business again!

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