Real Estate Agent vs Cash for Homes Company: What’s the Difference?

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5.64 million homes were sold in the United States throughout 2020. If you are looking to list your home, you want to find a way to make the most money and quickly. There are a few options to pursue when beginning this process. Two of the most common options are hiring a real estate agent and selling your home for cash. It’s important that you understand the key difference between these two. Read on to find out if you should go with cash for homes or hire an agent!

Time Frame

With the help of a real estate agency, the time frame can become rather long and complicated. There is no guarantee on when your home will sell, how quickly the title will come through, and how quickly the buyer will want to close. From the time that the home is listed, you will then need to host open houses and showings to entice potential buyers.

This also greatly depends on the type of market you are in. As of 2020, a house stays on the market for about 55-70 days. Depending on how quickly you need to move, this may be out of the question.

When you choose to go with the cash for houses method, you’ll get an offer within 24 hours of the walkthrough. You’ll have time to think over the offer. As soon as you accept you will schedule a closing. Find out how it works at

Cost to Sell

Real estate agents have to make money somehow. This is why they charge a commission to sell your home. In general, they will take 4-6% of your sale. That can quickly take away from any profits you were planning to make.

With a cash buy you never pay commission. This gives you the ease of mind and the ability to simply calculate your sale.

Renovations and Repairs

Selling to a homebuyer will likely require you to renovate or repair certain areas of your home that don’t like up to the standards. During the closing process, they can even ask you to make certain repairs that come up in the inspection.

Selling your home for cash allows you to sell as-is. This requires no renovations or repairs.

Moving Out

In a traditional sale with an agent, your homebuyer will probably expect you to move out the day of closing. Sometimes they will allow you to have a few extra days. This can be difficult if you haven’t found your next home or are having to wait for that closing.

A cash for home buyer will allow you to work out when you are planning to move. This gives you the flexibility to work through a date that is beneficial to you.

Cash for Homes Method

Each situation can be different. With these factors in mind, you’ll be able to make the best choice for you! No matter if you are choosing the cash for homes method or the traditional method, good luck!

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