How To Wash Your Car Like A Pro

Wash Your Car

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If you own a car, then you know the joy of having it cleaned. However, not every time you want to take the car to a Wash Your Car. There are days you can do it yourself and enjoy a clean car throughout the week. Furthermore, you might have to deal with automatic car wash damage if the car wash uses too much pressure or rough fiber to clean the surface. 

When cleaning the car, you may choose a waterless car wash or do the normal way of cleaning the car using water and soap. However, do you know how to go about it? Do you know the things you require to clean the car properly? Cleaning your car has many benefits. It helps in proper maintenance, increasing the resale value and making you happy too. Therefore, set a few hours of your time to clean the car. The following are ways of doing it like a pro.

Take Precautions First

The first step to cleaning the car is taking precautions. Since you will be working on both the inside and the outside, it is important to remove any jewelry you may have. A ring, belt, and anything else that can scratch off the paint should be removed. This way, you can comfortably clean your car.

Prepare Your Tools

You require having the right tools and cleaning products with you. Ensure you have a car shampoo for proper cleaning. If you don’t have this, you can use the normal soap. Get tow buckets, enough water from a hosepipe, and a brush for cleaning the wheels and microfiber towels. For the last part, you will need a detailing product like The Last Coat for a complete and shiner look.

Rinse off the Car First

Before you begin washing the car, ensure you rinse it off first. Start from the top part to the bottom part. This way, you will remove excess dirt and any particles that may cause scratches. If you own or have rented a pressure washer, use it to get rid of the dirt that might have stuck on the surface. Make sure the hose has a wide nozzle to avoid damaging the paint.

Wash and Start with the Wheels

After cleaning the debris, start by washing the wheels. Use the wheel brush to avoid damaging the fibers and ensure you clean the outer side and the inside. In one bucket, put clean water and soapy water in the other bucket. Wash the wheels then go to the surface. Make sure you do it quickly so that the soap and the water do not dry on the paint. If you interested to know about Ceramic Coating Central Coast then click here.

Rinse and Dry

After properly washing the car, it is time to rinse it. Just like the beginning, start rinsing from the top to the bottom. Use the pressure washer for proper rinsing. You can then dry the water on the surface using the right towel. Make sure you know how to correctly remove water spots from the car.

Polish, Wax, and Coat

For a finer and shinier look, you will require to polish and wax your vehicle. Use Nexgen ceramic spray for ceramic coating. It forms a protective layer for the paintwork and gives Wash Your Car that shiny look.


You don’t need to go for training in order to know how to clean your car well. The above are simple things you need to do to have a shiny and happy car. Prepare well and get rid of anything that may scratch the paint.

Consider hiring professionals to clean your car if you’re having difficulties or don’t have time to do so. As new market entrants, they always have something to offer in order to establish their presence. To get noticed, they use a simple strategy of covering the surrounding area by distributing car wash flyer or placing ads in the local newspaper.

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