Best Mobile Phones to Gift Your Loved Ones on Valentine’s day

Best Mobile Phones to Gift Your Loved Ones on Valentine’s day

Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by Umer Malik

Check out these awesome mobiles to gift your girlfriend or wife this Valentine season.

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and we are super excited. It is a day to show your love and affection to your beloved. The best gift for your lady is your precious time. Well, we expect a little from you than time. Please give us something thoughtful and memorable. It is difficult to know what your girl will like.

Are you scared of letting down your girlfriend/ wife’s expectations this D-Day? Then, don’t worry. We are here at your service sir. Valentine is extra special as Covid was dominant two years and now it is a bit suppressed. Be happy and make your girl happy by gifting them a smartphone. Smartphone makers know how special your anniversary, Valentine’s, and Birthday are. So, companies are ready to make your special day more special with some distinctive color phones. For example: Get an Photo Phone Case and surprise them. If they already own a new smartphone. Then you can get them phone accessories like customized covers, keyrings, phone tracking devices, smartwatches, etc.

When choosing a smartphone for women, make sure you choose wisely. You have to remember her favorite color while picking a mobile for her. If your girl hates black or grey- gift her gold or pink. These small details show how much you know her. She will feel more connected and loved when you make her feel that.

List of Best Smartphones For Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day:

OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple:

Price: 41,999INR

The OnePlus 6T model is a premium model. It is available in three variants 8GB RAM/ 128GB storage and more up to 256GB. It comes with a gradient finish, and this purple color is unique and girly. The rear panel is a purple glossy finish backed under glass. It is S curved across the back that is stylish to hold. Get customized Oppo covers with your special memories printed on the back and make her realize you are fond of her.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Silver:

Price: 1,02, 500INR

Samsung claims that S21 Ultra 5G is the most powerful selfie camera phone. It has a 40MP front-facing camera. With a sleek design and quad-camera setup, it is a terrific buy. It features 108MP wide and ultra-wide-angle and a 48MP Telephoto camera. You don’t have to carry an extra camera while traveling. It is your best travel buddy. Propose her with this smartphone.

Vivo X50 Pro Blue:

Price: 49,990 INR

The X50 features a 16.66cm wide display. If your girlfriend loves wide-screen phones this is what you should eye on. It is perfect for watching movies on date night. The 32MP selfie camera comes with a flash and is an amazing option for selfies. It has an elegant and classy finish that is meant to impress your GF. It is worth splurging on if you love your babe.

Oppo K1:

Price: 16,990 INR

If you have pocket constraints, do not get upset. You can buy an Oppo K1 for her. It is available in Astral Blue and Piano Black colors. We know Oppo does not compromise on quality and design. Hence, it has a 3D gradient texture that shines when moved across many shades.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro:

Price: The 13,999INR starting price

Xiaomi Redmi is amongst the top most selling phones in India. It is available in many color variants, out of which Blue, Red, and Pink are perfect for your lady. This Valentine’s day gives her the color of love and affection-Red and brings a smile to her face.

iPhone XR:

Price: 76, 900 INR

If we talk about smartphones and we don’t mention an iPhone, it is unfair. Apple is a brand every girl desire. Apple has finally started a few vibrant colors that are appealing to females. It comes in yellow, coral, red, white, blue, and black options. An iPhone tag is enough to impress. You know what I mean.


Give her smartphones that have a great selfie camera. It is an Instagram and Facebook world. If your girl is active on social media. You need a phone that fulfills her demands. It should be good-looking, have a decent camera and of course, branded. If you get through her nerves you will solve the puzzle to reach her soul. Best of luck boy!

Do share how your girl reacted when you gifted her any of the mobiles mentioned in this article. We will be pleased to know.

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