The Best Places to Live in New Zealand – 10 of our preferred objections

The Best Places to Live in New Zealand – 10 of our preferred objections

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New Zealand is an amazing spot to live and work. Endless individuals come here on vacation, become hopelessly enamored with the spot and in the end move back here to live and work.

In any case, how would you guarantee that your transition to New Zealand is a triumph?

It tends to be hard to catch that occasion enchantment. How often do you go on a stunning occasion where you figure you could without much of a stretch live there everlastingly yet the truth of going to work each day doesn’t in every case satisfy the occasion vibes.

Finding a spot to live and work or New Zealand Holiday Packages that best suits you is one method of guaranteeing your transition to New Zealand abandons a hitch. That is the reason we’ve investigated the best places to live in New Zealand and drawn up our best ten.

You can discover piles of records out there that will inform you regarding ‘the least expensive spots to live in New Zealand’ and ‘the sunniest spots to live in New Zealand’ which are truly cool (so look at them!) yet our own is about our staff and clients – where do they believe is the best spot to live in New Zealand.

How about we GO!

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Maybe obviously, Queenstown came out as the main objective that individuals would decide to live here in New Zealand. Queenstown is a stunning spot. It’s an all year objective with stunning open air exercises in the late spring months and top notch skiing in the winter.

It’s extraordinary for individuals, everything being equal, youthful and old and with so a wide range of businesses situated in and around the city, it’s additionally an incredible spot to look for some kind of employment. House costs are high (as of late overwhelming Auckland as the most elevated in the nation) so you may need to live in one of suburbia yet that is truly cool – the perspectives are astonishing all around the Focal Otago locale.

Queenstown is meriting its place at the head of our rundown of best places to live in New Zealand.

For more data on the territory, ensure you look at our Queenstown City Guide and to book your Queenstown vehicle rental, look at the most recent arrangements from our Queenstown branch.


Coming in at number two on our rundown is Napier. Situated in the core of the Hawke’s Cove, Napier is an awesome spot to base yourself in the event that you are arranging a transition to New Zealand. The typical cost for basic items in Napier is a lot of lower than the greater urban areas like Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown making it an appealing suggestion yet there are still enough organizations situated in and around the city to make it a decent spot to look for some kind of employment.

Outside of work, Napier has everything going on. Extraordinary grape plantations, a staggering coastline, astounding fairways and some incredible cycleways. It additionally makes the most of something reasonable of daylight throughout the entire year and will in general be somewhat hotter than Auckland, absolutely throughout the winter months making is very appealing to ongoing appearances from the UK.

Discover more about the Napier and Hawke’s Cove area in our City Guide.


On the off chance that you are searching for some place somewhat extraordinary, Rotorua is unquestionably up there as probably the best spot to live in New Zealand. It’s a traveler hotspot which means heaps of occupations. It’s additionally an all year objective gratitude to the geothermal attractions that the city is generally popular for which implies a lot of guests actually run here throughout the winter months.

Rotorua appreciates a focal area on the North Island making it super-available. It’s under 3 hours to head to Auckland, Napier, the Coromandel Landmass and Mt Maunganui and the ski fields of Mt Ruapehu are around 2.5 hours away.

Rotorua is unquestionably one of our preferred spots to travel and positively well known with our guests. That is the reason it highlights at number three on our rundown of best places to live in NZ.

Discover more about Rotorua in our City Guide.


So Auckland is presumably the most well known spot for individuals showing up from abroad to base themselves. There are more positions in New Zealand’s greatest city so it’s a characteristic draw, be that as it may, Auckland is about far something other than enormous city occupations. Auckland is an amazing spot to live and extraordinary compared to other waterfront urban areas on the planet.

With a bounty of sea shores, astounding local parks, marvelous cafés, incredible spots to take off, theaters, strolls, watersports and then some, Auckland is a city with a great deal to offer. The explanation it comes fourth on our rundown is down to traffic and lodging. There are a ton of vehicles on the streets around Auckland and house costs are quite high.

That isn’t to remove anything from Auckland however – it’s certainly perhaps the best spot to live in New Zealand.

Find more about the fabulous City of Sails in our Auckland City Guide and to book your Auckland vehicle rental, ensure you look at our most recent arrangements on our Auckland branch page.

Tauranga/Mt Maunganui

The fame of Tauranga as an objective for Kiwis and expats in the course of recent years has soared and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. Tauranga is a shocking waterfront city, situated on the east shore of the North Island. With heaps of businesses based down here (it’s a bustling port city) there are a lot of openings for work and while house costs are on the ascent, it’s as yet a sensible spot to set up home.

Tauranga and the close by Mt Maunganui are two of New Zealand’s most mainstream occasion objections, particularly for Aucklanders. With staggering sea shores, an extraordinary nightlife and nearness to places like Taupo, Rotorua and the Coromandel, Tauranga is perhaps the best spot to live in New Zealand.

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