5 Reasons Why Women in Heels are So Attractive

Women in Heels

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What makes a woman attractive?

Is it her hair? Her clothes? Or maybe it’s the beautiful Women in Heels.

Indeed, these are some factors that make a women in heels look great.

But if you base the question on research, you will find that one of the best answers is high heels. So, yes, what women wear on their feet plays a great part in making them look attractive. 

According to psychologists from the University of Portsmouth, UK, who proposed an evolutionary theory on why women prefer shoes with height, “high-heeled shoes may help exaggerate the feminine aspects of gait.” In other words, stilettos and similar shoes allow women to walk more womanly.

Digging deeper into this theory and more, here are some of the best reasons why women in heels look more attractive in pumps and the like.

They add height.

One obvious reason women wear high-heeled shoes is the added height they get. 

Shoes like stilettos and block heel pumps make women look taller. It is simply the easiest way to gain more height. 

Thus, stylists use this trick to enhance the stature of celebrities on the shorter side and help them look eye to eye with other people. 

It makes women look slimmer.

Since women get additional height from stilettos and other high-heeled shoes, they also appear slimmer. This is because the width of their bodies becomes proportionate with their height.

Your body gets a longer and leaner appearance with the help of shoes that give you a lift, literally. You can also enhance your look by taking care of your teeth. Consider basic cleaning by a dentist in Oxnard if you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile.

It enhances posture.

Wearing shoes that add height gives you an arch in the lower back. This arch pushes your chest forward and pulls your shoulder back, making you stand straighter and giving you a better posture. 

Moreover, the arch in your lower back results in added tension along the back of your legs up to your buttocks. This gives you a better figure because it flexes and emphasizes your curves in all the right places. 

It elongates the legs.

Because high-heeled shoes arch your feet, they give the impression of longer legs. 

When you wear such shoes, your calf muscles tighten and become shorter. Their appearance improves, and they get in better shape. Thus, your legs look toned and slim.

Also, it keeps the line of the leg continuous and unbroken. Eyes are drawn in a vertical direction, giving the illusion of having smaller ankles. As a result, you get elegant and longer-looking legs. 

It improves gait.

study has revealed that women in heels who wear three-inch heeled shoes gain the optimum position for their pelvic muscles to contract and strengthen. These positive effects help women walk better even while wearing such shoes for a significant time.

On another note, wearing high heels affects women’s consciousness. While it may lead to the opposite effects, many women feel like they have to move more gracefully and walk purposefully in this kind of footwear.

These reasons will make you start wearing your high-heeled shoes more often.

However, it’s great to know that these shoes are not just for looks. They also come with several health benefits and positive psychological effects.

But no matter what shoes you wear, the most important thing is you’re comfortable and confident. And, of course, the quality of your footwear is also a priority. As Coco Chanel says, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”

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