Reverse Cycle AC: What Are They?

Reverse Cycle AC
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For the humid summers and mild winters predominant in the majority of Australia like Adelaide, Brisbane, and South East Queensland, people are preferring reverse cycle AC air conditioners in recent times. These are relatively new in the world of air conditioning, and quite naturally people have a lot of questions about them. 

From what they are, to how they work and how they are beneficial, there are numerous things to know about reverse cycle AC. A lot of people also have questions like: 

“How do these systems stack up against electric heaters?”

“Can they achieve the same results as an electric heater?” 

In this blog, we have answered all your questions about reverse cycle ACs. From how they work to the benefits of buying a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Adelaide, if you are thinking of buying one, this blog is just what you need to read. 

What Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning? 

In very simple terms, reverse cycle ACs are those systems that have both heating and cooling capabilities. These machines are designed to reverse the refrigeration cycle which gives them the capability of both cooling as well as heating. 

How Does It Work? 

Reverse air conditioners are designed to both heat and cool the environment where it is installed. This is primarily enabled through the use of a refrigeration cycle that does the cooling and a reverse refrigeration cycle that does the job of heating a space. 

If you are wondering how the reverse refrigeration cycle works, read on.

  • The refrigerant, which is characteristically a cold liquid is passed through an external coil. It absorbs the heat from the air outside.
  • The refrigerant is then put into a condenser through a chamber, pumped by a compressor.
  • The compression of the refrigerant warms it up further and creates a hot blow of air.
  • This hot air is then pushed into the room with the help of a fan. 
  • For cooling, a reverse cycle air conditioner simply reverses the direction of refrigerant flow. 

Benefits of Reverse Cycle ACs

There are several benefits of reverse cycle air conditioners which make them worth the investment. For these benefits, they have been becoming popular amongst Australian homeowners. To begin with, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is generally much more energy-efficient than an electrical heater. 

Not just that, an electric heater can only heat a space and not cool it. When you buy a reverse cycle AC, you are prepared both for the summers and winters. This makes them way more cost-effective than a regular AC or an electric heater

Last but not the least, they are safe to use and there are no complications at all. They are adaptable and flexible and even come with air purifying features making them an all-inclusive package. 

Final Words 

It is also important to choose a reliable supplier or service provider for the installation, repair, and maintenance of these air conditioning systems. Domestic Aircon Services SA is a trusted name for all kinds of services and the best reverse cycle air conditioners.

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