The Goals of Individual Therapy With Charlie Health

The Goals of Individual Therapy With Charlie Health

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If there’s one thing that we’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the importance of mental health. Taking the time to find the psychiatric support we need can be beneficial to our overall health in the long run. While it may seem out of reach, there are more options on the table than ever for people to get help with their behavioral health at any age. Let’s take a look at some of the goals of individual therapy, and how it can put you or your loved ones on a brighter path.

Breaking the Stigma

It’s hard to not only talk about your problems but harder to even ask for help. Outlets like Charlie Health are designed to put an emphasis on proper and discreet mental health care. Their virtual Intensive Outpatient Program focuses on helping teens, young adults, and their families in healing through a mental health crisis. This takes the time to not only layout treatment options for the adolescent but also provide methods of understanding and coping that family members may not have been able to provide before. This leads to sustainable healing over time.

We’ve recently seen an uptick in the suicide rate among high school students because of the pandemic, because of a lack of in-person socialization at school. That’s why Charlie Health leverages a young person’s experiences with the hopes of the future to assure high-quality care and a plan for the long run. This puts a spotlight on individual needs to make sure a patient goes through life with a willingness to be open regarding their mental health and to have a treatment plan in mind.

Finding Self-love

Finding Self-love

Teenagers are among the more sensitive groups for local therapists to deal with, as there’s a level of stress that a younger person has not developed the coping mechanisms to deal with. Plus, teens today find it harder to actually love themselves. Between any snarky remark that they may hear in the hallway or dysmorphia brought on by social media, it’s hard to feel good about your appearance. One of the main goals of therapy is helping patients find that self-love.

Through a virtual mental health clinic, young adults can find a safe space where they can put an emphasis on the exertion of their emotions in those putdowns. Charlie Health’s commitment is centered on providing empowerment and love at any age. A treatment program is designed to make sure there’s personalization but also an overall safety net of positive reinforcement for adolescents. This can be accomplished in individual sessions, as well as group therapy and family therapy sessions to work out the underlying causes of mental health struggles.

Dealing With Stressors

Dealing With Stressors

Psychiatrists recognize that feelings of stress, anxiety, and depressions can trigger certain behaviors in mental health crises. That’s why talk therapy provides an outlet to understand those feelings and what sets off those actions. This puts an emphasis especially on substance abuse disorders, as even young adults may rely on drugs and alcohol to feel better about themselves. Charlie Health hopes to provide a safe space to understand what is triggering that substance use and allow family members to understand why teens have turned to this option.

An intensive outpatient treatment plan, with help from insurance companies, could register how to address the underlying causes of these mental health difficulties. In some circumstances, sessions with groups of peers can provide an outlet for teens to feel like they are understood in exactly what they’re dealing with. Through a provider of mental health, adolescents can get through their comprehensive treatment plans and put themselves on a better path to better mental health.

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