My Thrillophilia review of 5 Days Greece trip

My Thrillophilia review of 5 Days Greece trip

Last Updated on November 25, 2022 by Tayyaba Khan

Greece has always been a dream destination of mine since I was a child. And having a life partner who enjoys travelling as much as I do, believe me, I am the luckiest lady alive! So when it was time to plan our honeymoon, I didn’t waste any time in booking our flights to Greece. I was able to fulfill my dream, all thanks to Thrillophilia! All the Thrillophilia reviews were very positive and the discounted tickets prices were just about perfect! The itinerary covered almost all the major attractions of the trip. Hence, we were able to cherish each and every moment of our honeymoon and make the most of our time there. 

Our journey commenced when we arrived at the Athens International Airport. At the airport, a Thrillophilia representative was already waiting to accompany us to our hotel. The flight had left us exhausted. So after resting up for a bit, my husband and I ventured out to see what Athens had to offer. We were offered an optional tour by Thrillophilia, but we declined since we needed some alone time together. We strolled down to the nearby places as we had some beautiful sightseeing planned for the next day. The romantic ambiance was ideal for two newly weds, walking hand in hand and spending time in each other’s embrace, everything was so perfect.

The next morning, we were served a delicious breakfast, after which we ventured out to explore Athens. Today’s itinerary included a half day sightseeing tour that began at the Acropolis and ended in Omonia Square. There was also a stop at the Panathenaic Stadium which proved to be a perfect opportunity for Instagram-worthy shots. Then we passed the Athens Trilogy (University of Athens, Academy of Athens and National Library). We also witnessed the National Garden, Hadrian’s Arc, St. Pauls’s Church, Schliemann’s House, Russian Orthodox Church, Square, Old Parliament, Constitution and so many iconic places on the tour. Finally, our tour ended at the Acropolis Museum, where we learned about global emblems of the ancient spirit and culture that make up the world’s biggest architectural and artistic complex. It was a truly educational experience for us as the guides were very informative and told us tiny bits of information about the places which we had never heard before. Then we returned to our hotel and had our lunch. But as we did not want to waste our time staying in the hotel, we sprung out in the evening and continued to go to the nearby cafes and did a little exploring till we were tired.

We were probably most thrilled for the third day of our trip as people in the Thrillophilia reviews on Tripadvisor had raved about this day. Early in the morning, we checked out of our hotel and caught a ferry to Santorini Island from the Piraeus port. The island’s enchantment was beyond our imagination. The island’s rich history, traditions and the beauty have earned it worldwide acclaim. We ventured off to explore Santorini as soon as we checked into the hotels and had our stuff in our rooms. We were so thrilled to finally be here, that we couldn’t bear the idea of squandering a day in the hotel. The island’s natural beauty was absolutely incredible. Everything about this island, seared itself into my mind: the aesthetic houses, the beachy vibes and the relaxing atmosphere.

Our plans for the fourth day included exploring Santorini, but this time properly. We went for a lovely day out here after breakfast. We did all kind of touristy stuff we could think of. We spent a beautiful day at the beach, basking in the warm embrace of the sun. We took a cable car ride to get a bird’s eye view of the entire island. At the town of Oia, we saw a spectacular sunset. We even went for a tour through the ancient Thera and spent time in Pyrgos village learning about the local culture. In the evening, we went shopping for souvenirs and visited a few aesthetic cafes. Completely tired, we retired to our hotel. 

The fifth day marked our departure. With a heavy heart and incredible memories, we were to bid farewell to the beautiful Santoini. I was not ready. I shed a few tears at the hotel before leaving for the airport. The entire trip has been so incredible that it was hard for us to return to our regular lives. We were picked up from our hotel and driven to the airport by a representative from Thrillophilia. Throughout the trip the entire Thrillophilia team was nothing but kind and helpful to us. Thank you very much Thrillophilia for making sure we didn’t have to lift a finger for anything. Because of them, we were able to enjoy our honeymoon to the fullest and were able to bring home so many memories. If you are on the fence about choosing this package, read the Thrillophilia reviews on Trustpilot first. They will dispel any doubts you may have. I would recommend that everyone try their service. 

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