Top design ideas to add a glamorous look to your home

Top design ideas to add a glamorous look to your home

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Home is where the heart is. The secret to a beautiful home is the variety of designer ideas that come together to make a beautiful, intriguing and pacific place possible. While a large number of people are moved by modern western artifacts, there are still others who are fond of traditional looks. Ceramic pots, terracotta vases and handmade carpets add a very nostalgic look to your home. While both traditional and modern items reflect your living style, the preference of traditional items to modern ones is more preferred in India. In this article, we take a look at the top design ideas to add a glamorous look to your home.

Handmade carpets

Authentic handmade carpets are among the most crucial items that give the first impression of your home. Such types of carpets have been woven by artisans for a long period of time. The various intricacies in design as well as a lively look give a unique impression to your living space. There are usually three important characteristics of handmade carpets. The first characteristic is the presence of an eco mark that indicates minimum damage caused to the environment during the making of the carpet. It also indicates that the carpet is ecologically sustainable. In addition to this, some of the handmade carpets also have a label indicating that no child labour was used during the making of these carpets. The third characteristic is that the purchase of this product contributes to women’s empowerment as these are primarily woven by women entrepreneurs like the self-employed women’s association. Although the market in the present times is flooded with machine-made carpets, the importance of handmade carpets has not decreased or vanished.

Antique items

Antique items are characterized by all those objects that have a memory of the past associated with them. Some of the examples of these items that give a great look to your living space include paintings, models, vases, unique floor lamps and the like. Antique items are very difficult to find because they are either costly or very rare in occurrence. It is in this context that people always want a piece of an antique item in their house because it speaks about the efforts that have been made to give shape to a particular living area. Another important reason why people prefer antique items in their homes is that it gives a historical discourse and evidence of their collection.

Terracotta vases

There is no doubt in the fact that ancient designs of terracotta objects and vases hold special significance in the present times. This is because these remind us of the nostalgic past of ancient civilizations in general and their lifestyle in particular. For instance, terracotta vases that are designed on the patterns of the Harappan civilization fill us with memories of that period.

That said, it is a very good idea to include terracotta vases in any of the corners of your living space as it gives a glamorous look to the visitors and also leaves a long-term impression.

Abstract paintings

Another important entity that can really add a great look to your living space is an abstract painting. Abstract paintings not only convey a sense of art but also an instance of great intellectual taste. It is no coincidence that abstract paintings are installed in extremely popular hotels and such paintings leave the visitors dazzled and puzzled at the same time. Each visitor walks away with a memory of his own. Hence, it should not be a bad idea to decorate your living space with an abstract painting.

Curtains and lights

The last thing that can add a glamorous look to your living place is the choice, style and colour of your curtains as well as the texture provided by lighting. Gone are the days when curtains and lights were unrelated and had no effect on each other. In the present times, people are obsessed with smart lighting systems. These types of lighting systems provide thousands of colours and lighting options. Smart lighting solutions allow the customers to adjust the colour of the lighting in accordance with the curtain colour. As such, this wonderful combination of curtains and matching lights is a brilliant designer idea to beautify your living space. Modern architects and interior designers lay extra focus on lighting solutions these days and ensure that a mesmerizing effect is created when light falls on draped curtains.


The above-mentioned designer ideas and elements serve as an essential guide for creating a pacific and serene living space

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