The types of jobs a midi-sized excavator can do.

Midi-sized excavator

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A midi-sized excavator weighs between 10,000 to 19,999 lbs and is ideal for projects where space is limited, but still, you require the performance of a bigger machine. They are the perfect combo of compactness and maneuverability. They come in handy where a large excavator is too big and impractical for the job while mini-ex can’t handle the demand.

Like a mini-excavator, they may have rubber tracks and a backfill blade but, at the same time, can deliver enough power that you need for major earthwork. Because of reduced or zero tail swing, these machines can easily work in tight/confined areas. The most popular midi size is the Kubota U55 5.5 Tonne Excavator hire machinery.

You can use them on various commercial and residential construction projects. You can also use different attachments to customize your excavator to suit project needs and requirements. With hydraulic power and long reach, they can undertake heavy-duty jobs that are not possible with a mini-excavator. Manufacturers have made that to deliver high performance and a sturdy build for demanding projects.    

Anyhow, here’re some projects where you can use a midi excavator:

Digging Swimming Pools

If you’re looking to take the plunge of a swimming pool in your backyard, a midi-excavator is deemed the best for this job. With their relatively compact size as compared with their standard counterpart, they can do a seamless job by easily squeezing through tight spaces. You may undergo digging the swimming pool by manual labor, but that’s not ideal and will take a number of days. You can hire a pool excavating company to dig out the hole for the pool. They can even help you with the plumbing and all sort of electrics.  

Larger trenches

Midi-excavators not only dig holes or shape ground surfaces but are also good for large trenches where accessibility and precision are needed. They can undertake all sorts of large trenches for drainage and utility provision. The large boom allows the operator to have a long reach for deep cuts. They are powerful and productive in handling a large amount of excavation quantity.   

Highway or roadside projects

Most of highway and road construction projects encompass extensive earthwork. It includes excavation for subgrade, shifting of material, and dumping spoil to achieve design levels and road profile. This cutting and filling of earthwork require a midi-excavator. You can use this excavator to make utility trenches with highways or roadways, plus you can excavate for culverts or sewerage systems.  


Unlike a mini-ex, a midi-sized excavator can undergo a variety of demolishing jobs. It can handle materials including concrete, asphalt, steel, and other construction materials. With its powerful engine, you’d find no trouble in getting rid of old structures. You can demolish a small parking lot, and you can handle an old house demolition with the same machine. With a grabble attachment, you can handle material, including solid waste and recycling. Its long boom and large backhoe bucket can let you complete a demolition job earlier than you think. For details on the cost of the rental, visit the following link to view common excavator hire prices.

If you want to widen your working range and maximize productivity, consider adding a midi-excavator to your machinery pool.


A midi-sized excavator is a versatile and efficient piece of machinery that can perform a wide range of jobs. It is smaller than a standard excavator, but larger than a mini excavator. The following are some of the jobs that a midi-sized excavator can perform.

  • Landscaping: A midi-sized excavator is ideal for landscaping jobs such as digging trenches, creating retaining walls, and removing large rocks and debris. It can also be used to excavate areas for planting trees or constructing outdoor features such as swimming pools.
  • Construction: Midi-sized excavators are commonly used in construction projects, such as building foundations, digging trenches for utility lines, and grading land for roads and buildings. They are also useful for demolition tasks, such as breaking up concrete and removing debris.
  • Agriculture: Midi-sized excavators can be used for agricultural tasks such as digging irrigation channels, clearing fields, and creating crop terraces. They can also be used to move large amounts of soil or compost, making them useful for landscaping and gardening tasks.
  • Utilities: Utility companies use midi-sized excavators to install and repair water and sewer lines and dig holes for utility poles and electrical cables. They can also be used for laying pipes and conduits for telecommunications and internet services.

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