What Are the Different Types of Spinal Injuries That Can Occur Today?

Spinal Injuries
Human backache and back pain with an upper torso body skeleton showing the spine and vertebral column

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Did you know that almost 65 million people in the United States suffer from back pain regulalry? Back pain is often caused by injuries in your spine, which can be difficult to move around with. If you want to avoid hurting your spine, you must learn about the different ways it can be injured. Continue reading to discover the most common types of spinal injuries so that you can prevent yourself from getting hurt! 

Complete Spinal Cord 

One of the most serious spinal injuries that people can get is complete spinal cord injury. 

Complete spinal cord injuries are so severe that they impact a person’s ability to send signals to and from their brain. When the lumbar, or lower part, of the spinal cord, has a complete spinal cord injury, it often leads to paralysis below the waist. 

An example of complete injury is paraplegia. This is where someone is paralyzed from the waist down but has normal motor functions above the waist. 

Incomplete Spinal Cord 

If you want to have optimal health, you will want to avoid getting incomplete spinal cord injuries from falling. 

Falls are the leading factor for people suffering from this type of injury. Incomplete spinal cord injuries happen when not all abilities to transfer information are lost. People with incomplete spinal cord injuries can still convey messages through neurons to the brain, but not at its full potential. 

Many people recommend physical therapy clinics to help recover from this type of injury. Therapists can help work the affected areas and give them strength and memory. 


If you have damage to your cervical spinal cord, you are dealing with tetraplegia. 

Tetraplegia is a type of injury that can lead to paralysis of one or more limbs on the body. The higher on the spine that someone experiences this type of injury, the more painful and serious it is to resolve. People with tetraplegia have difficulty controlling bladder and bowel movements.

To prevent getting this injury, drive safe to avoid car accidents and be careful when playing sports. 


The most known spinal injury is paraplegia, where the lower half of a person is paralyzed but the upper body is not. 

When the thoracic spinal cord is damaged during heavy impact or falls, people can lose feeling from their waist down. The main cause of paraplegia is trauma, most notably from car accidents and sports injuries. 

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition. However, physical therapy and doctors can help you cope and treat you to their best abilities. 

Do You Know Your Spinal Injuries?

Unless you have dealt with spinal injuries before, you might not be familiar with all of the different types.

The spine is a complex and essential component of the body. It helps control our every move and when it gets injured, can cause major problems. If you want to avoid getting these painful injuries, you need to understand common sports injuries and weak spots on the body. 

Stretching and good posture are great ways to ensure that you have a healthy and straight spine.  

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