Vertical Artificial Plant Wall Ideas for Your Home

Vertical Artificial Plant Wall Ideas for Your Home

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Types of Plants to Hang for Your Plant Walls 

Over time, more and more people are seeing the merits of artificial plants. However, some are going beyond just a couple of artificial flowers. Instead, some are investing in full artificial plant vertical walls. What does this mean? Although designs can differ, it means that you can cover a large space on a wall with greenery and really bring life to your home. Ultimately, whether you choose to implement this idea inside or outside your home depends on your goals (you might even choose one for each!). 

First things first, the important detail to note is that you have freedom when it comes to using vertical artificial plant walls. As well as implementing a selection of different hanging plants, you could introduce a full wall with no gaps in between (using foliage covering the entire surface). 

If you’re looking for some motivation, you’ll see some suggestions in this section: 

Boston Fern

Ask any gardening expert, and they will tell you that some ferns are difficult to keep alive. Though they offer a luscious green appearance, ferns require specific conditions and often lead to more frustration than enjoyment. Therefore, a good place to start with a vertical artificial plant wall is with Boston Fern. You can finally enjoy fern without all the care that normally comes with it.


Since everything in this guide is artificial, you don’t need to worry about keeping the plants and flowers alive. Therefore, you can integrate delightful flowers into your wall. For example, you’ll see designs with trailing sweet peas, wisteria, anthuriums, ivy, palm heads, scheffleras, gardenias, orchids, and others. Why not incorporate colourful flowers into your plant walls? 

English Ivy

As the next example, many homeowners find that English Ivy is the perfect dining room decoration with crawling vines and a soft appearance. Naturally, you’ll see this ivy on brick and stone walls outside – you can recreate this with an artificial version or bring it inside. Normally, you couldn’t bring this plant inside because it grows too rapidly. 

Trailing Jade

Finally, you could also explore something like trailing jade as you visit a plant wall store (either in person or online!). As a more compact plant, the leaves are small, delicate, and rounded. 

Maintenance of Outdoor Artificial Plants 

When people think of artificial plants, they think that it comes with no maintenance. Of course, the benefit of artificial plants, especially when used to create a vertical wall, is that the maintenance is significantly less stressful compared to real plants. You don’t need to worry about watering, feeding, and waking up to find that a certain section is dying. 

If you want to keep your artificial plant wall thriving, however, you should still look after it. For example, this means gently dusting. Since artificial plants are often delicate, don’t scrub the foliage because this will cause damage.

Top Tip

If you’re new to artificial plants, ALWAYS start your dusting at the top of the wall. When starting at the bottom, you’ll find that dust falls and covers areas that you’ve already dusted (and the job becomes so much harder!). If the wall is intricate, try compressed air in a can. 

Since your artificial plants might be outside, it still experiences all the weather events as your real plants. Therefore, you may need to wipe your artificial plant with warm water to remove dirt and debris. 

By following this advice, you can keep your artificial plant wall shining for all guests, whether inside or outside!