Why hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Richmond?

workers' compensation attorney

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Workplace accidents and mishaps are not unusual or unheard of in Richmond. The workers’ compensation system allows injured workers to get financial benefits after getting injured on the job or getting diagnosed with an occupational disease. Virginia requires all employers to pay for workers’ compensation insurance, and in return, employers have the immunity that they cannot be sued for negligence by the injured worker. The question is whether you need to hire a workers’ compensation attorney Richmond, VA. In this post, we are sharing some key details that you need to know. 

Knowing the basics

The workers’ compensation attorney benefits like payment for medical bills and a share of wage losses. If someone has suffered a temporary or permanent disability, they can get additional compensation. While the entire process is meant to be straightforward, people often forget that the insurance company eventually pays the benefits, and for the insurance adjuster, claims are always a loss. Proving that the injury happened at work is not easy either. The insurance company will do their best to prove that the accident didn’t happen at work or the worker had a previous injury, which is not covered under the workers’ compensation system. 

When you need to lawyer up

There are some circumstances when hiring an attorney becomes even more important for injured workers. For instance, if you have suffered a serious injury that’s likely to have long-term consequences, you should get an attorney on your side. Also, injured workers also encounter problems where their medical expenses are not paid in full, or their claim has been denied by the insurance company. It is also possible that you are not getting the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to. An attorney can help you in such circumstances. 

Get the right attorney

Not all personal injury lawyers in Virginia deal with workers’ compensation claims, and it makes sense to engage an attorney who works for employees in particular. You would be assured that your lawyer wouldn’t have a conflict of interest. Also, if an attorney has worked with employers in the past, it could be a good advantage for your case. Many law firms offer free consultation sessions for injured workers, and you can use that window to determine what your workers’ compensation is worth and if you should get an attorney to work on the claim and represent you. 

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