Everything That You Can Cover In Adelaide In A Day’s Itinerary

Everything That You Can Cover In Adelaide In A Day's Itinerary
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Adelaide is a city in Australia, which is also the coastal capital of South Australia. The place is well known for the festivals, premium wine, and incredible food. Though underrated, Adelaide can be considered as one of the most beautiful cities of Australia. Adelaide day tours conduct one-day tours within the city.  The place is considered as the cultural hub with large numbers of art galleries and museums. Though snow is very rare in Adelaide, you can look out for wonderful sceneries throughout the city. Let us look for an itinerary which can be covered in one day.

Swim With Dolphins:

Early morning at around 7.40 am, you can go swimming with the Dolphins. This can be a great activity if you can start the day at Glenelg beach. The swimming starts at 7.40 and continues till 11.15 am in different batches.

Head Towards Shopping:

Around 10 am, you can go shopping. You can start to shop at the well-known Rundle Mall. The pedestrian shopping strip includes boutiques as well as departmental stores. After shopping, you can go to the gallery and the studio in the Jam Factory, which is famous for the design and craft of Australia. You can meet the artists who are doing their activities live, such as creating jewelry and ceramic designs.


Adelaide central market can be the best option for enjoying lunch. You may try out the traditional pizzas and the pasta. Then there are Korean noodles, sushi, salads, pastries, soups, and more.

Art Exhibition:

You can go towards the art gallery located in the cultural boulevard of Adelaide in South Australia. You can relax watching all the exhibits with a coffee cup in your hand. The bark paintings can be seen in the Samstag Art Museum.

Adelaide Oval:

Adelaide day tours can guide you through the Adelaide Oval. It can be a very different experience where you need to put on your harness and climb 50 m above like a rooftop climb. You need to climb up and down through multiple steps and stairs.

Wine Tasting:

You can taste Adelaide’s famous wines. There are cellars within 15 minutes of driving from the city center. Try out cocktails, coconut-washed rum, and lots of other interesting wines.


Around 7.30 pm, you can go for dinner. You can eat some delicious Thai food with contemporary flavor. You can also explore the Korean, Siberian, Indian, Spanish, and Mexican dishes.

After dinner, you can head towards home. See Adelaide & beyond and you are bound to get mesmerized with its food, culture, and sceneries. Not only the adults, the children can also enjoy the city very much. The adventure sports and the art galleries will attract the children. Though Adelaide can be visited for 3 days or 4 days also, a day-out starting from breakfast to dinner can be much more interesting as it is a short trip for the travelers who do not have many holidays. From the busy schedule, a 4-day or a 5-day trip can sometimes be not possible but a short one-day trip can be attractive. Though underrated, Adelaide is a very beautiful city for travelers.