Top 4 Home Improvement Projects To Tackle Before Moving

Home Improvement

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Making your Home Improvement look its best is not just great for your family during the hectic time of packing and moving – it can also help you sell your house! Lots of real estate agents like to see that you’ve done some basic spruce-ups before the photos for your listing are taken, and these are four that you can do yourself even if you aren’t traditionally very handy.

Make Your Entryway More Inviting and Easy to Use

This is a fairly adaptable project, but take stock of the entryway to your home improvement. It will be one of the first spaces that your potential buyers see when they visit for a showing, so make it really work well: does this area need a built-in for shoes or a coat rack for coats? Do you have warm lightings, like electric candles or a wall lamp? Consider adding these items. If the space is cramped or you already have what you think the entryway needs, even just a fabric or wicker basket for incidentals or a bowl for keys can make the space feel just that much more inviting and easy to use.

Update the Front Yard With Fresh Flowerpots, Walkway Lights, and Mulch

The area of the yard where your buyers will spend the most time looking is usually what they can see when they pull up in a car. This area can be improved with new flowerpots, a new set of planted flowers in the beds, and an ample layer of mulch to protect existing plants from weeds. Adding an inexpensive set of solar-powered walkway lights can help if anyone will be visiting the Home Improvement after dusk, adding a warm glow and the practical help of keeping people from tripping. 

Touch Up Paint Throughout the House and Repaint Front Door

Evaluate every room in the house and if any have nicks or little imperfections, invest in some touch-up for that color and maybe some spackle if the nick is deep. If you’re only going to repaint one place, consider making it the front door: a gleaming new front door color can make the whole front stoop feel much more vibrant, and this is especially true if your current door is faded or has any other signs of weathering. 

Pressure-Wash Pathways and Siding

Renting a pressure washer and removing moss and dirt from your home and driveway are great ways to make a home look like its younger self. The key is to know what the material on your siding is and make sure you hold the washer the correct distance away: too far away and you may not blast the grime off, and too close and you could damage the siding. You’ll be surprised how your seemingly-clean house and driveway look so much better after this intervention. 

By investing some time and a little money into these projects, you get to show your home’s ‘good side’ to the buyers, all without pouring thousands of dollars into repair or remodeling that may or may not be part of their top priorities.

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