Fly to Dubai- Your Next Vacation Is Just Around the Corner

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Last Updated on January 14, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Having worked throughout the year, one definitely wants a vacation and some time out for leisure activities. And nothing can beat Dubai when it comes to world-class leisure activities. Either it’s your summer break or wintertime off, the City of Gold remains a complete vacation spot for all.

Here’s a look at a quick checklist of what to do and explore when going for an adventure in Dubai.

Plan Ahead

Make sure you are planning your vacation ahead of time. This will save you from the trouble of a slow visa process, tickets, bookings, and hotels, and a lot more. Don’t forget that summers and the end of the year are the busiest here. Tourists are coming here from all over the world and the influx is enormous. The last thing you would want is to come across the trouble of a delayed process or missing out on your favourite pick of accommodation or a preferred facility.

Set Your Budget

Streamlining and segmenting your budget will help you stay away from overspending. Since there is a lot to see and explore in Dubai, be sure that you have planned everything out.

Travel, food, and accommodation costs should be clearly set as you cannot skip any one of them. The rest can be utilized for your entertainment, shopping, and exploration of Dubai.

In addition to this, don’t forget to have emergency cash along, in the right currency. It will save you from the hassle of going to the exchange office every time. In all, it will keep track of your budget and also ensure that everything stays in place.

Explore the Marina

Surrounded by tall buildings, overlooking the scenic beauty, the marina area has a lot to offer. From fancy boats, bars, restaurants, high-rise condos overseeing the Dubai harbour, there are so many things you can explore. You can choose to check out the famous Pier 7, consisting of 7 floors of restaurants on the water, each featuring a special theme.

Shop from the Malls

When visiting Dubai, don’t forget to hit the malls. Malls of Dubai are none like the ones we see everyday. One, there are too many in Dubai, and two, there are tons of amazing things to see and explore in them. We all have heard of the walk between Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates. It is known for luxury shopping, the mighty water aquarium, fountain show, indoor skiing, and much more. You would want to make a checklist, for these are not to be missed.

Old Dubai

The city of gold is known for its upscale buildings, architecture, and glittering lifestyle. However, there is more to it. Nestled in the roots of Dubai, you will come across Dubai Creek, Dubai Frame, Gold Souk, Deira, and much more. Wandering in the streets of Old Dubai, you will explore the culture of Dubai in its truest form, just the way it used to be.

Outdoor Adventures

Dubai is known to offer a lifetime of experiences, of the sort never done before. It has it all, from Bungee Jumping, Desert Safari, SkyDiving over Palm Jumeirah, to Deep Sea Diving, and a lot more.

In addition to this, Dubai has a huge segment of the entertainment industry open ahead. There are expos and concerts and festivals happening annually. Some of the best-known international singers and brands travel to Dubai during these events. During this time, there is a perfect blend of people coming from different cultures and interacting. Every individual receives immense exposure to develop their personalities and mindset. Some even find greater opportunities to grow their career.

Just be sure that you have set your savings aside for these activities. There are countless happening events and one wants to get the most out of them.

Summer Camps

In order to increase the quality of your vacation, one can incorporate some learning in their vacation time. Parents prefer to sign up their children for various summer camps in Dubai. Carefully crafted curriculum, this fun plus learning program ensures that your child is able to enjoy and learn in a happy environment.

These camps are activity-based, and you can sign up according to your interest and timings. In addition to these quality learning programs, one can interact with fellow people. Such summer camps in Dubai provide solid ground to learn and communicate with people coming from other backgrounds and enhance exposure.

The Takeaway

Dubai remains open for the entire year, welcoming visitors and showing hospitality with open arms. Just be sure to plan ahead and keep notes of the points discussed above. A vacation in an oasis is surely what you need when escaping work pressures. So plan ahead and make sure everything is on point!

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