Using a wholesale salt block for the first time – an ultimate guide

Himalayan salt block

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No doubt, it is a lot of fun cooking on a Himalayan wholesale salt block. This unique salt plate contains minerals that are beneficial to the human body. You can also use it for serving hot and cold meals and for preserving numerous food items.

If you have finally got your hands-on cooking, serving, and preserving Himalayan salt block, there are a few things you need to do before you start using it.  

Once you unwrap the packaging and clean the block, the first thing you will need to do is temper the salt block.

Tempering the block is only needed when you want to cook or serve your meal on it. However, if your purpose is serving (cold items) or preserving, there is no need to temper the block.

Tempering your salt Platter prevents it from shattering when exposed to temperature extremes during cooking and serving.

It is simple to temper your salt plate, but it takes time and a little effort. Be sure you do this in the oven or on the grill, where the temperature is easy to monitor.

Follow the given steps!

  • Preheat the oven or grill and place the Himalayan Salt Platter on it. Set it at the lowest temperature, about 120°F to 175°F. Allow 30 to 60 minutes for the oven/grill and the plate to get up to temperature.
  • Now set the oven temperature to 50°F to 75°F high and leaving it at that temperature for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Keep on increasing the temperature at regular intervals unless you react to the temperature 550°F
  • Now turn off the grill and let the salt block cool at room temperature.

Your Himalayan salt block is now ready to use.

Remember! You may hear crackling noises when tempering the block. Don’t worry! That is normal.

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Himalayan salt blocks wholesale for cooking

A tremendous kitchen tool!

Cooking with a Himalayan salt blocks wholesaleis one of the newest cooking trends. Because of its tremendous benefits, the block is becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen.

Himalayan salt cooking blocks are different from conventional cookware! They are made of natural pink rock salt and are incredibly dense. These cooking slabs conduct heat slowly, and that is why they retain heat so well and seasons food evenly.

You can use a Himalayan salt blocks wholesale to add texture and taste to your meal. It improves the flavor of your food, as well as boosts the nutrients in it. With their great anti-bacterial qualities, the salt blocks can also protect against the contamination of food.

Wholesale Himalayan salt blocks, plates, and bricks contain pink rock salt that is found within the mountain ranges of the Himalayas in Pakistan. The salt remained free of contaminants for millions of years. That is the reason it is the purest and cleanest salt on the planet. The large chunks of salt are cut into slabs, blocks, bricks, and plates that serve numerous health, cooking, and wellbeing purposes.

You can prepare and serve a number of dishes with wholesale Himalayan salt blocks. They are equally perfect for baking or grilling meats, fish, shellfish, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

Also, you can prepare Cookies, pizzas, and a lot of other baked products by using them.

Chill them in the refrigerator to serve cold meals and sweet and create a lot of versatility. Using chilled salt blocks, you can serve cheeses, fruit, custard, ice cream, and other desserts.

Wholesale Himalayan salt blocks for grill (grilling )

Get an unforgettable grilling experience!

Grilling your meal on a Himalayan salt blocks wholesale enhances the taste of your dish by imparting a distinct salinity to it. It does not make your food too salty, this is because the surface of the block has very low porosity and is thickIt means that the meal you cook on the block comes into less contact with the slab. It limits the quantity of salt that really gets into the meal.

High heat is another element that reduces saltiness. When you add food to salt blocks, they should always be super-hot (about 500°) so that the surface of the food is quickly scorched, avoiding salt over absorption.

Salt block grilling is super-easy! Just follow a few simple steps before you start grilling.

Make sure any foods you are going to grill are:

  • Sliced to a uniform thickness that will cook fast.
  • Dry
  • Unsalted 

First, heat the block slowly in stages for over 45 minutes. Place your dry-block on a cooking top or an outdoor grill, and then gradually raise the temperature until it reaches around 500°F (260°C).

When you sprinkle a little water on the heated block, it should sizzle and evaporate very instantly if the block is hot enough. But if you need to know specific temperatures, an infrared thermometer can inform you when the block reaches 500°.

Put items straight on your block to cook them. To flip or turn the meal, use metal frying tools if necessary.

How will the Himalayan salt slab affect different types of foods?

Increase the taste and nutritional value of your food with a salt block!

Because of its mineral composition, cooking on a Himalayan salt block may give your food an unusual taste. Furthermore, Himalayan salt blocks have heat dispersion, which cuts down on cooking time and helps to keep your meal from getting too salty.

Cooking on a salt block provides a distinct texture to your food. Your salt slab will respond differently to each type of food. There are a number of factors that determine the effect of salt on the meal. They include fat content, moisture content, thickness, and temperature of the block. Most foods readily absorb salt, but fat repels it. Apply a thin coating of oil on the block if your meal is overly salty.

The more you oil your slab, the less salt will permeate your cuisine. Quick-cooking foods work best, so make sure that you chop the pieces to the right thickness and the block is hot enough. Cooking on a salt slab that is not hot enough will not only over salt your meal but also cause the slab to decay quicker.

The Himalayan salt block can also cure thinly sliced fish like salmon and tuna by acting as a preservative. A natural salt slab will generally provide a hint of saltiness to moist or wet meals but will have little impact on dry meals. If you use the salt slab to serve cheese and crackers, it will add a little flavor.

When you use your Himalayan salt block to serve cheese and crackers, the cheese will be a little saltier, but the crackers will taste the same.

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