Why should you clear Your Blocked Drains Before Winter?

Why should you clear Your Blocked Drains Before Winter?

Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Nuisances like blocked drains are hard to avoid. No matter what precautions you take, they are seldom hard to avoid. They are even harder to avoid during the winter season, and the number one reason for that is not checking your drains or clearing them before winter. It is essential to clean up the clogged drains you have in winter for multiple reasons. Companies like Streamline Pipes provide their expertise in this sector by doing blocked drain pipe relining.

Some Reasons Why You Should Clear Your Blocked Drains:

Keep Insects Away: 

A very important reason why our drains should be cleared before winter is that it keeps insects away. A clogged drain attracts thousands of pests and insects that make the drain their home and thereby possibly doing more damage to the drain. But if one clears their blocked drains or checks them before winter, this can be avoided. 

Overall, if insects and pests start infesting your pipe systems, then it will lead to an outbreak of diseases. Hence, avoiding their infestation is the best way to keep your family safe from any diseases. 

Prevents Roof Damage: 

Another important reason we should clear our blocked drains is that it prevents roof damage. Roof damage happens because of the clogged gutters that have a huge possibility of spilling onto your roof every time it rains, which can cause your roof to get damaged easily. This is essential as the destruction of the roof can cause the house’s structure to be compromised and can also affect the foundation of the house. Companies like Streamline Pipes provide these services in clogged drain pipe realigning.

Cause Damage: 

Another reason why we should clear our blocked drains is that it has the possibility of causing damage to so many parts of the house. It causes damage to many things, but the worst damage is the damage to the fascia. Fascia refers to the wood that is right behind the gutter. Therefore if any other object and, most importantly, fascia gets damaged or rotted, it can cause a serious setback to the house. 

Cause cracks in the foundation: 

As previously mentioned, any house’s foundation can easily be destroyed if one does not check their drainage system regularly, especially in the winters. Serious damage can be caused when the water flows from the gutter. It pools around the house’s foundation, which can end up getting frozen, which will further lead to cracks in the foundation. And leave you on the hook for an expensive house foundation repair.

Prevent Water Damage: 

A very good reason why we should clear our blocked drainage system before the winter is because it prevents water damage. When the drain is clogged, the water may not flow properly, further leading to water damage. 


Therefore it is very important to clear your blocked drains before the winter sets in to prevent major damage to concrete and other materials in your house. With years of service and highly trained and skilled staff, reputed companies  offer excellent services to clear your blocked drains.

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