Tips for Class 6th Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad

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As a sixth-standard student, it is pretty challenging to understand how to proceed with math olympiad preparation. You might get hundreds of tips and tips from parents, friends, and the internet on how to prepare. Don’t worry; we are here as your savior. We offer you 10 essential and most important tips to refer to while preparing for math olympiad. 

Train your brain 

The first thing one will have to do is train their minds to appear for a national-level examination. A rigorous amount of preparation is required for cracking such an examination, and they are ready for it. Do not get disturbed by the number of topics to be covered, but sit, relax and understand it steadily. Train your brain “you can, and you will.” Understand that you don’t do what your subconscious asks you to do, but you do what your brain asks you to do. Train it to study and see the magic happening. 

Balance your schedule 

Prepare yourself a timetable of a schedule. Make sure that you do justice to both school assignments and extra activities along with olympiad preparations. Do not ignore or underestimate any portion of daily life; each activity plays an important role. Try to follow the same as much as you can. This will allow you to spend time on both your school studies and your studies for competitive examinations. 

Do not ignore fresh air

Do not ignore your physical activities or your food for the sake of preparation. YOu can manage some time from watching television like leisure activities, but do not compromise with physical exercises and chances to get fresh air. Fresh air not only enables one’s blood to flow appropriately through veins but also oxygen to glow nicely in the brain so that the brain can be used efficiently. Intake of some fresh oxygen directly from trees, unpolluted, is crucial for a child growing age. 

Revise regularly

Being children, they believe that once done means done. It is not like that. One should understand that revision is needed for any concept to be permanently fit in one’s mind. Even songs, which all of us like, can’t be memorized when listened to only once. It also needs 3-4 attempts to learn the lyrics of the song. Then there are topics from the syllabus. They need at least five rounds of revision to leave an imprint in mind. 

Know the syllabus top-to-bottom

Know the syllabus A-to-Z. Before even starting the preparation, one should know what all topics they have to study during preparation. This will enable the participant to structure his timetable and organize it to devote ample time to needed topics and not waste it elsewhere. Especially for a subject like mathematics, it is crucial to know every know-how of the syllabus. 

Do not leave any topic

The competitions at national and international levels follow a system wherein they do not leave any topic while preparing their question paper. Irrespective of the difficulty level of the question, one question from every topic is included. Hence, it is suggested to not leave any topic but know at least the basics of every topic. Like in IMO, every topic is covered at least in one question. There are also challenging questions that combine 2 or more topics, but that is very rare. An aspirant should visit IMO Class 6 Previous Year Paper 2015 to know more about the question paper and paper pattern. 

Do not juggle with reference books; focus on one

Do not confuse yourself with so many reference books. Olympiads send their guides. The guides are prepared to keep the beginner and an expert of the field in mind. So, instead of searching and finding which book to be read, focus only on the guide provided by the competition hosting organization. Even if the hosting company hasn’t offered any guidebook, follow only one book. Following many authors at the same time is like following and not following them at the same time. Give proper justice to any author by trusting him and his content completely. 

Trust the internet as a well of information 

The Internet is a boon or a bane; it depends on the user. If the user manages to limit his doors only to some platforms and some genres, there is no progress. It is just a waste of time. But, if taken sincerely, the internet is flooded with information. It has answers to almost every question existing on this planet. The only thing that is needed is someone to ask questions. The internet will answer only if someone places some doubts in front of it. Trust the online sources. They are not always wrong or fake. They also provide correct and legit information, which at times is exciting and knowledgeable to learn. 

Involve your teachers and parents in the process 

Many students find that their teachers and parents do not understand the concept of olympiads or their study patterns. Kids, Please no ! Please don’t presume such things. Your parents and teachers, no wonder in which year, have faced 90% of what you are facing now, so trust what they say. If involved in the process of olympiad preparation, parents and teachers can be the best critiques of the process and the preparation. They think and suggest the best for their kids. They might sound rude and harsh but are never wrong when their own kids are concerned. People know their blood very well. People know how a child is groomed, and hence, they suggest things, ideas accordingly. 

Do not ignore the importance of mock tests 

Mock tests are of great importance to a sincere aspirant. A dedicated aspirant understands the significance of a mock test and its analysis. A mock test is a hands-on exercise of what was learned. It enables the candidate to understand their strengths and weaknesses and scope of improvements. This way, the student can understand all places he needs to work more on and what topics he has exceeded expertise in. A student should appear for at least 2 mock tests before sitting for the final examination. 

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