Taj Residencia, Master Plan, Location, Payment Plan 2021

Taj Residencia, Master Plan

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The Sardar Group of Companies enthusiastically presents Taj Residencia, a first-rate residential community in Islamabad, unsurpassed in its beautiful splendor and calm. It is meticulously created to meet your desire for a luxurious existence. In 2013, Once the state-of-the-art venture, The Centaurus, was conceived and built, they set an unequalled international standard, far greater than anything ever accomplished in Pakistan’s existence. It is without a dispute one of the finest examples of luxurious living ever created in Islamabad. The Taj Residencia in Islamabad is a premium residence intended for the ultimate in luxury living. This development offers a magnificent living surrounded by natural air, wide-open areas, natural landscapes, lush foliage with a stunning backdrop, new world-class innovations, local conveniences, and plenty of family charm.

Master Plan

Taj Residencia, one of Islamabad’s premier housing developments, offers outstanding living and investment prospects. The most appropriate place for society is chosen entirely. Nevertheless, this project includes several housing plots for sale. Properties can be purchased in various areas around the community, comprising regular, side, and Main Boulevard. There are other plots for sale that face the park. The property for sale at Taj Residencia provides the greatest value. You can reserve your desired accommodation with a simple payment plan. As a result, you can expect speedy ownership. After that, you can begin construction on your home. Due to the obvious high-quality development and perfect location, the investment possibilities is also high. The Taj Residencia 3.5 Marla properties are in high demand. You can reap tremendous future gains by purchasing immediately in Taj Residencia Islamabad. Housing plots are available in various sizes as part of the project.

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • 1 Kanal


The Taj Residencia is located near CDA Sectors I-14, I-15, and I-16 and is 35 minutes out from Centaurus Mall and the Motorway & the New Islamabad International Airport. With first-rate services, it will promise to be the greatest living alternative for you. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has authorized Taj Residencia, but it is located close to Islamabad. The I-14 and I-15 link roads are the main entrances to this lovely project. However, in the future, Taj Residencia Road will be built on Rawalpindi’s Ring Road, with an open network to the Islamabad Motorway. The RDA has authorized a 10,000 Kanal of property for the development. Taj Residency is now only accessible via Islamabad’s sector I-14 link road. Rawalpindi’s Ring Road, on the other hand, will soon function as an entrance point to the Islamabad Motorway. In 10 minutes, one can be at the New Islamabad International Airport, in 20 minutes there at Centaurus Mall, and 5 minutes at the Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital. This advantageous proximity significantly increases the project’s worth.

Payment Plan

Taj Residency is the ideal location for a safe and innovative investment. Enthusiast purchasers have several advantages in today’s society. This initiative has a lot to provide you, either you want to experience life better or safeguard your future. As a result, the payment plan at Taj Residencia Islamabad is quite accessible and easy. This makes it easy for anyone to reserve a property in this location. Property prices in this area continue to rise as a result of the great site and high-quality development.

Nevertheless, this is a perfect moment to invest because the Taj Residencia payment plan is very appealing. As a result, the organization provides two 5-year instalment options along with 1.5-year instalment plans. Therefore, individuals can select a payment plan that suits their needs.

The payment plans for business and residential plots at Taj Residencia are very tempting. Housing plots can be reserved with a 20% deposit. As a result, the initial payment for business plots is 25%. After completion, the property will be delivered to you within 90 days. You can pick between a 2.5-year or 1.5-year Taj Residencia payment plan. On complete payment, the developers will give a 6% rebate as well. The payment plan for the Taj Residencia villas is also adjustable. If you want to book a villa, you must pay a 10% deposit. Park-facing plots, end properties, and boulevard properties will be entitled to a 10% surcharge.


TR Islamabad is a fantastic place to live and invest, with excellent options for potential purchasers. You can acquire residential properties, business plots, and villas here, depending on your needs. However, if you are searching for an opulent way of life and are willing to wait, Sigma Properties will present you with the Taj Residencia Installment Plan.

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